The engines humming. He guides the craft through the air. “Sir?” the stewardess knocks, “a note from 4A.” He reads it, smiling knowingly.


“Send her a Jet Pilot, heavy on the Tiki syrup. Tell her I’ll meet her at the bar in the terminal.”


Tiki Syrup

  • Our Tiki syrup is inspired by a classic ingredient called for in a variety of tiki cocktails.  While the exact recipe was a closely-guarded secret, grapefruit and cinnamon were the dominant flavors.  We’ve added a couple extra spices to keep things interesting, as well as some lime juice to create a broader citrus flavor.  As you would expect, the sugar content is a little higher to lend a rich body to any cocktail. Though it was developed with tiki drinks in mind, this syrup also plays well with gin, brandy, and tequila.