The party is in full swing. Chandeliers glittering. Her daiquiri endowed with simple syrup that is anything but. He comes down the stairs. She positions herself in his path...

"Glad you haven't changed," he said, "just like an Old Fashioned—the perfect amount of sweet and just a little bit of fire."


Simple Syrup

  • Sugar is an essential ingredient in any cocktail, whether it is used to round out a fiery spirit or to take the sharp bite off of fresh citrus. Our rich simple syrup maintains a higher sugar content with a luxurious, velvety mouthfeel allowing you to create a balanced cocktail without extra unnecessary dilution while letting the drink's flavor shine through. The richness of the syrup also brings a weightier body to your drink that lasts much longer on the palette.


    This 250ml bottle contains enough syrup to make between 17-34 delicious cocktails.