He claims the barstool next to her, “No Mai Tai?” he asks starting up a conversation,


“I like to try things a bit out of the ordinary,” she says coyly, “A Jungle Bird has just enough pineapple syrup to make my mouth pucker.”

Eyebrow raised, he orders one too.

Pineapple Syrup

  • Transport yourself to an island paradise by including a little bit of tropical flavor into your drinks with our pineapple syrup. Dive into some Tiki drinks like the Jungle Bird or put a twist on some of your favorite classics; pineapple Daiquiris are a great place to start! We use fresh juice in our syrup to bring you an authentic flavor, and as usual, this syrup has a higher sugar content to lend a rich texture to all of your drinks. Plays well with rum, whiskey, brandy, gin, lime, and chiles.