A cozy cabin, blanketedwith snow. The fire crackled, soft music coming from the record player.

“I made something that will warm you up,” she said softly, handing him a mug of spiked cider,


“The cinnamon syrup gives it a kick,” he replied, “But the heat seems to be coming from you.”

Cinnamon Syrup

  • Spice up your cocktails with our cinnamon syrup!  We use two types of cinnamon in this recipe to bring a depth of flavor to all of your favorite drinks, along with a little kick. Put a twist on some of your favorite classics (Cinnamon Margaritas, anyone?) or come up with some fun original recipes of your own. This rich syrup is packed with flavor and will add a full-bodied texture to all of your drinks. Plays well with whiskey, brandy, gin, tequila, orange, chocolate, and coffee.