What Makes The Perfect Cocktail? 


A cocktail is simple in its essence—here is your cocktail 101 breakdown. It contains only a few key ingredients; liquor, water, bitters, and sugar. However, if you want to dress up your drink and add a little style and flavor, you need a high-quality mixing syrup. The syrup will help create that refined taste, depending on which spirt you choose. To really add to the flavor profile and create a quality cocktail, adding a premium syrup is a necessity. 


How to Make a Balanced Drink? 


I’m sure you’ve wondered how to make craft cocktails. Do not worry, as long as you don’t overdo it with the sugar, your drink will taste perfectly balanced. The next step to your cocktail 101 breakdown is incorporating the sugar. Remember, the sugar is there to balance out the drink—it is merely there to mask the bite. Start small, and if the drink requires a little more of the premium syrups, add a little more gradually. With a little trial and error, and you can find the perfect balance to creating your premium cocktail.  


Why Us? 


At Bourgie Syrups, our premium cocktail syrups are designed for cocktail connoisseurs and professional barkeeps. We combine the perfect blend of natural ingredients and real processes to bring you a well-balanced flavor to your cocktails. Apart from the premium flavor profile our syrups bring to the table, they can also last up to three months if properly refrigerated.  


Not interested in creating a cocktail? No problem! Our syrups are carefully crafted to work in conjunction with coffee, tea, and various virgin seasonal drinks.  


Final Steps… 


It’s actually not as complicated as you think. Choose your spirt, add your syrup flavor, top it off with some bitters and lemon juice, and you’re ready to add it to your shaker. Pour and enjoy! That’s it for your cocktail 101 crash course.